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Release Date: June 2024
Autumn Dawn, though a drama, possesses a humor that is quite endearing. Aretha Banks, in trying to escape a marriage that is failing, eventually realizes that the past is etched on one's soul and is never truly left behind. Therefore, she stands at the mouth of her River Jordan ready to bathe herself and her daughter Cindy's future in it's healing waters. Though fictional, Autumn Dawn captures the true essence of the 70's and highlights the social and economic climate of that era.
As a poet, Sadanyah Flowing Water found song writing and singing to be another way she could tell meaningful stories that people can relate to. Throughout her singing career, she has worked with some of the most talented singers, dancers and musicians. The first song she released internationally was Not This Time under Permanent Records. The song was produced by Glenn Sweety G Toby and engineered by Dave Knight. Not This Time, a House record, was soon followed by the CD Summertime, which Sadanyah released independently. In the fall of 2024, Sadanyah will be teaming with R & B singer, Tiffany Trueblood to release an album whose overarching theme raises awareness about the importance and necessity of self-love and self-care
"I am an advocate for the revitalization of indigenous languages. Language is not only a conduit for communication, but it is a vessel that holds cultures, tradtions and the history of our human experience. To abolish any people's native tongue is like tearing off a piece of the Mona Lisa. We all are a part of this world and our differences paint it masterfully with vibrancy and promise. Awána, a children's book, was written to facilitate the reclaiming of the Mohegan / Montauk dialect by Northeastern Woodland Indigenous Peoples, adding it back onto the masterpiece called humanity."
Boots draws a great deal from Sadanyah Flowing Water's cultural background which stems from her Native American, Taino and African heritage. The character driven pieces she includes are captivating. Others showcase her strong ability to create lyrical movement while adhering to strict form. Boots also contains experimental pieces that invite readers to invest themselves intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Thus, the reader co-authors the pieces by mentally filling in what they imagine the author to have left intentonially off the page.