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Sadanyah Flowing Water, proud member of the Montauk Tribe of Indians Council of Elders, serves as the Wolf Clan Mother for Sunksqá Wamôsut. Born and raised in Long Island, NY, she received a Bachelor of Arts  and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. 

Flowing Water considers herself to be a writer first and foremost. She has been writing plays, fiction stories and poetry since she was a small child. Published when she was just eight years old and nicknamed “The Class Poet” by several of her classmates and teachers, Flowing Water has used her writing to navigate her way through life. Her achievements include her self-published book, Boots: A Selection of Poetry and the play, Autumn Dawn. She also wrote and recorded a House single, "Not This Time," which was released overseas under Permanent Records. Additionally, she wrote the songs on the CD SummerTime and sang background and lead vocals on the single SummerTime.

it took many years before Flowing Water actually referred to herself as a writer. It wasn’t until she read former Washington Post news reporter Patrice Gaines’ Laughing in the Dark: From Colored Girl to Woman of Color--A Journey From Prison to Power, did Sadanyah fully acknowledge that writing was more than a hobby to her. It was who she was. Like Gaines, writing has always strengthened Sadanyah's resolve. She made peace with this truth one day while doing her spring cleaning. At the time, Sadanyah was recovering from an accident in which she, a pedestrian, was struck by a van. The accident and near death experience prompted her to identify her purpose in life. That day Sadanyah found marble notebooks, napkins, newspapers, magazines and shoeboxes on which she had transformed her feelings, memories, dreams, desires and prayers into poems. Therefore, Sadanyah's traumatic accident and her reading of Gaines’ book helped her to find the discipline and courage to share with others that which she has been called by the Creator of all things to give—herself through her writing.